Christina Aguilera and a boob job

Christine’s sexy image is the result of the work of stylists and plastic surgeons. Christina Aguilera got her first operation in 18 years. Thanks to this operation her breast augmented twice. After birth, Christine’s breast was even more magnificent. It was rumored that she got a second operation, but these data have not been confirmed. According to experts, the opposite Christina decided to reduce it. Rumor has it that Christina Aguilera, in addition to the breast, augmented her lips.

Christina Aguilera has already got four plastic surgeries!

Christina Aguilera is one of the most popular singers around the world and she has some plastic surgery. This is despite the relatively young age - the singer is only 32 years old. The very first operation Christina did at the dawn of her stellar career, she was barely 18 years old. Christina Aguilera’s producers hinted that would be nice to add an appetizing figure to the voice of the young talent. The message was understood, and the girl went to the clinic of aesthetic surgery.



Did Sofia Vergara have a boob job?

Sofia Vergara: my breasts have become more elaborate and without fat

Sofia Vergara since her youth has been experimenting with her looks. It started when she had the first liposuction. And of course, if you are very picky about your appearance, then after a while you will want to change something again. From birth she had small breast. Sofia Vergara, earn some money and went to a plastic surgeon to get a boob job, and he made her bust more elaborate.

Over the years, she has to resort to Botox injections which have already become a classic of plastic surgery. Then she corrected the shape of the lips, but it seems that if the person is so picky in appearance, it is not so easy to stop. The fact that, many actors and singers with age because of the stiff competition in the show business become to visit plastic surgeons.



Alyssa Milano's boob job

Alyssa Milano got a boob job, as she says, for health. She thought her breasts were too small and did not meet the standards of Hollywood celebrity.

Alyssa Milano: 41 years old

Alyssa Milano often visits a plastic surgeon. Of course, Alyssa Milano argues that a boob job is a forced measure, and she got a boob job because of her bust was too small. As a result her breast became larger and more beautiful.

In general, Alyssa Milano is a pretty girl by nature and she has to refresh this beauty continuously. You just need to understand that we cannot stop aging, but we can a bit apply it the brake. Aesthetic Medicine is our assistant, but not a perfect magic.

Almost all pop stars get the plastic surgery today. Movie stars and businessmen, commentators and politicians, and ordinary people are royals want look at 100%.

Despite Alyssa Milano denies a boob job but sophisticated breasts of one of the most prominent Hollywood actresses Alyssa Milano is very different from its previous forms.



What does Salma Hayek think about a boob job?

Salma Hayek had a boob job, inserted breast implant

Hot Mexican Salma Hayek not much is getting older over the years and it's clear why. First, she has a strong genotype of ancient Indians whose blood flows in the veins of the Hollywood beauty. Secondly, of course, aesthetic medicine! Not so long ago, Salma Hayek has had a boob job. She has slightly changed breast size, although we cannot say that her bust until that time was small. But the main achievement of Salma is big breasts.

salma hayek breast implants



Has Maci Bookout had a boob Job?

The famous actress Maci Bookout ascended to Olympus American show business not so long ago, but clearly blew the stage for her talent. She is very nice by nature and has managed to win her children's complexes, and proved that talent and skill are defining quality in the creation of creative canvas.

Maci Bookout has had a nose job, mainly thinning the tip of the nose. Now, a new creation - it looks more symmetrical and really improves her face. Striving for perfection, the actress again after some time decided to undergo plastic surgery, and she augmented, to be honest, her small breasts, Maci Bookout has got a boob job. Again, good luck - a surgeon did his job well: the breast became great.