100% guaranteed: How to apply eyeliner for round eyes

Just a couple of skilled strokes and your look will become deeper and more enticing. Round eyes outlined with eyeliner makes makeup more impressive and expressive, and visually increases the thickness of eyelashes. With the help of eyeliner you can easily emphasize the beauty of your round eyes or adjust their shape.

Perhaps every woman should have eyeliner in her make-up bag. After all, this is the main "weapon", which makes an eyelid line more clearly and the look - attractive.

The types of eyeliners for round eyes

eyeliner for round eyes

Today, manufacturers offer several options of eyeliners for round eyes, which are distinguished by their shape and texture. They may be liquid, dry, cream, gel, in the form of pens and pencils. Learn more about eyeliner that doesn't run.

Liquid eyeliner is a tube with a fine brush on the cap, which includes the eyeliner based on water or alcohol. Its main advantage is the ability to create very thin, precise lines of saturated color. However, it requires some skill during application.

A dry eyeliner is pressed eyeliner that is similar to eye shadows, which is applied with a fine brush moistened. They are quite difficult to use, so it is usually found only in professional cosmetics. What about eyeliner for big eyes?

Pencil eyeliner is eyeliner in the form of a pencil, which allows you to quickly draw the lines on the eyelids. Pencil is perfect for drawing and clear arrows and for shading the lines. But that the lines were accurate it needs to be constantly sharpened.

Felt tip eyeliner is eyeliner in the form of a regular pen with a hard point-protector with which you can easily create a very thin crisp line. These pen eyeliners are very convenient for beginners but they quickly dry up, and the saturation line is not as the liquid eyeliner.

Gel and cream eyeliner - come in the form of jars with colored cream or gel. A thin brush is used for application with which you can get perfect arrows. But it requires a certain skill.

How to use eye eyeliner for round eyes

The key to success is to do clear and confident movements of the hands and correctly selected type of eyeliner. For beginners it is better to start with pencils and felt-tip pens, gradually trying different types of eyeliner.

So, starting from the inner corner of the eyes, begin to draw a line on the upper eyelid moving to the middle, and ending at the outer corner. The line should be as close to the lash line as possible that there was no dyed space between them. If you find it difficult to draw a neat line, draw it with small touches adjacent to each other.

The line should extend slightly over from the inner corner to the outer one. If you want to draw an arrow, then just continue the line from the outer corner of the eyelid drawing a thin "tail" slightly lifting up.

If you used a cream or dry eyeliner and pencil, you can shade the line with a sponge or cotton swab to make it look more natural. After that, you can pencil the bottom eyelid. Usually eyeliner on the lower eyelid is applied only to the middle of the eye, and then carefully shaded it.


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