4 steps to do a cat eyeliner

In this lesson we will look at how to do a cat eyeliner with the help of the cards.

A cat eyeliner always looked very impressive and sexy. However, for many of us it is very difficult do a cat eyeliner on our own. After all, if your hand will tremble a little or you will draw cat arrows of different size or length, the effect will be breathtaking and horrible.

So I decided to share my super method with you that help me many times to create the perfect cat eyeliner. And now, instead of the tedious process you will get a handy tool for make-up, a lot of time, a great mood and unrivaled look! Perhaps you will be interested to know about how to do a winged eyeliner.

cat eye eyeliner

Well, are you ready to make your own stencil for a cat eyeliner? Proceed.

How to create a stencil to do a cat eyeliner:

Step 1

Take unnecessary business card and attach it to your eye to outline the desired length of cat arrows. Make a small mark on the inner and outer corner of the eye, as well as where you want your pencil stayed.

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Step 2

On the back of a business card draw the desired shape for the eyeliner.

It is better to do so you can easily erase any mistakes. Once you have drawn it, attach a card to the eye again to make sure you like the result.

Step 3

Cut stencil along the marked lines to create a personal template.

Step 4

It’s simple, right? Oh yes, and do not use this template with a liquid eyeliner or eyeshadow! Experiment with gray or chocolate- brown color, or try to add more fun and bright colors doing your cat eyeliner such as turquoise or purple.

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