10 best eyeliner brands 2013

Bold and sexy eyeliner for round eyes is a new trend in the winter and spring of 2014 came to us from ancient times. For the first time the fashion of the arrow was entered by beauties of ancient Egypt – such as Nefertiti and Cleopatra. It this artical you'll learn what is the best eyeliner brand in the winter and spring of 2014.

To learn how to draw beautiful straight line emphasizing the beauty of your eyes, use a liquid liner. This is an ideal tool for creating fashionable eyeliner for round eyes.

 best eyeliners 2013

Classic retro eyeliners in the style of the fifties, bright club or subtle and flirty "arrows" can be seen in the makeup of celebrities such as Dita Von Teese, Paris Hilton, Kelly Osbourne and many others.

The main advantage of the eyeliner is that allows you to get a clear line of saturated colors that remain perfect all day long. Check out our review of the best eyeliners 2013-2014 for round eyes and choose your own!

Styleliner by Dior as the best eyeliner brand

Styleliner by Dior best eyeliner brand

Eyeliner by Dior creates perfect clean rich color lines and provides amazing resistance of your makeup.

In addition, it is very easy to use. Shades please us with its diversity - in addition to the traditional black you can try the original gold and other glossy shades.

Lumene Blueberry

Lumene Blueberry best eyeliner brand

Stable formula and rich color create intense makeup. This eyeliner is perfectly applied to eyelid due to the handy brush and shade palette includes black and brown.

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Eyeliner Moire by YSL

Eyeliner Moire by YSL best eyeliner brand

Due a variety of shades, Eyeliner Moire will help you create a unique image. This eyeliner is a real godsend for women who prefer a bright expressive makeup.

Oriflame Clickit

Oriflame Clickit best eyeliner brand

Super thin applicator for applying will help you create the perfect makeup. In addition, the eyeliner can be combined with mascara, liquid lipstick or lip gloss with connector - so from the two means you will get a universal one 2 in 1.

This eyeliner brand has five colors - black, gray, blue, green and brown.

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Super Liner by L'Oreal

Super Liner by L'Oreal best eyeliner brand

This eyeliner will give your look even more expressive. It dries quickly when applying and does not smudge during the day.

Apart from the usual colors - black, brown and gray - you can try bright trendy colors with sparkles: brown and green crystal.

Liner Clubbing by Bourjois

Liner Clubbing by Bourjois best eyeliner brand

This eyeliner is designed specifically for social and party girl.

It combines shiny particles and durability that will allow you to be the center of attention throughout the night. The liner is held on the eyelids for a long time and does not spread.

Ecriturede Chanel Automatic Liquid Eyeliner

Ecriturede Chanel Automatic Liquid Eyeliner best eyeliner brand

Do you want ideal arrows? It's easy to apply. Due to the fluid texture and thin, flexible tip developed specifically not to irritate the delicate skin of the eyelid, this eyeliner allows you precisely and gently to draw the eye with one motion. What does eyeliner do? Click here to learn more...

Givenchy Para'Eyes Liner

Givenchy Para'Eyes Liner best eyeliner brand

Eyeliner has a high concentration of intense unique pigments with the micro particles of pearls combined with natural resins that can keep makeup for a long time without smearing and spreading. The wafer-thin brush effectively helps to emphasize the eye contour. Read the article for more information 4 steps to do a cat eyeliner.

Liner Design by Lancome

Liner Design by Lancome best eyeliner brand

Eyeliner Liner Design as one of the best eyeliners 2013 is easy to apply thanks to a specially designed applicator. It is very durable but it is suitable even for sensitive skin at the same time.

MAC Liquidlast Liner

MAC Liquidlast Liner best eyeliner brand

Eyeliner MAC Liquidlast Liner combines resistance and even application with no clumps. The range includes both classic and trendy bright colors.

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