L'Oreal waterproof eyeliner that doesn't run

For me personally, this eyeliner was like a life buoy in the ocean among unsuitable eyeliners for me.

I have slightly drooping eyelids by nature, so for me it was always a challenge to find an eyeliner that would not melt and even waterproof eyeliners did not withstand the test of my eyes.

The eyeliner that doesn't run has smooth and full-bodied color (I have black), falls well, it is ease to remove because it turns into a film and therefore when washing with the usual means, eyeliner does not spread out and does not turn you into a panda with gray circles around the eyes.

eyeliner that doesn't run

Eyeliner doesn't spread out and run by the end of the day. Frankly, I did not try to dive with it, but if you will really wet it that you should not just rub it with your hands so it will remain in your eyes. What about the best eyeliner for tightlining?

The only disadvantage is that I can not find it in stores for a long time. Once, it was gone from the shelves in an instant and even did not say goodbye.

More: it has an unusual brush - capillary. To learn how to draw a straight arrow with this brush you need to train.

After the analysis of the eyeliner, I did not find frank drawbacks but it has many advantages!


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