10 true methods to have longer eyelashes

Almost every girl dreams to have longer eyelashes. Today it has become possible due to eyelash extensions, but it’s much better still own lashes look longer and well groomed.

How to have longer eyelashes at home

how to have longer eyelashes

As you know, nothing is impossible. You can make your eyelashes longer yourself at home.

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To make your eyelashes grow longer, we recommend comb them lightly. This procedure helps stimulate their growth.


Burdock is an excellent means to care for eyelashes promoting their nutrition and growth, and gives them a fluffy effect. The oil prevents eyelash loss as well.

You should use this oil as follows. Rinse thoroughly a used mascara tube and fill it with oil. You need to apply oil to the eyelashes every night, but avoid contact mascara with the mucous membrane during application. Once the oil is applied, it is necessary to wait for fifteen minutes, and wipe your eyes with a dry cotton pad.

Castor oil

Castor oil is another very effective agent, which has a beneficial effect on the health of eyelashes. It is also more convenient to use the used mascara brush for the application.

Vitamin A

If you want to have longer eyelashes, you need to know that vitamin A has a good effect on the growth and health of eyelashes. You need to mix Vitamin A with castor oil and apply a ready solution to the lashes for a couple of minutes before going to bed. Then you need to rub your eyes with a cotton pad.

Grape seed oil

A mixture of equal proportions of grape seed oil, castor oil, almond oil, flax, pink, and wheat germ oil is an excellent means to care for eyelashes. This mixture should be applied to the lashes for fifteen minutes, then rinse with warm water.

Herbal lotions

Here are a few recipes to care for eyelashes at home. Herbal lotions are a great nourishing and moisturizing remedy for long eyelashes. For this it is necessary to prepare a decoction of herbs such as chamomile, tea leaves of tea, cornflower and sage, and rub your eyes with using these herbs.

Sea buckthorn

A mixture of castor oil and sea buckthorn oil in equal parts is softening and tonic for lashes. Apply this remedy to clean lashes for three hours.

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The best eyelash growth

How to make eyelashes longer naturally? If you want to make your eyelashes grow longer, you need every day for a month to lubricate the eyelashes with a mixture consisting of oils (almond, castor, burdock oil, olive oil), vitamin E (a few drops), fish oil and vitamin A (a few drops).


Massage also stimulates the growth of cilia which is recommended using a special mixture of aloe Vera juice (0.5 tsp), a small amount of parsley juice, vegetable oil (1 tbsp). With the help of a ready mix, massage the eyelids and rub it in the lash line with accurate movements.

Eyelash mask

Eyelash mask is the means that promotes eyelash growth. It is prepared from castor oil (1 tbsp), Aloe Vera juice (1 tsp) and a couple of drops of vitamin A. All ingredients should be mixed thoroughly. Apply a mask to the lashes with a cotton pad three hours before bedtime. Then remove the leftover with dry cotton pad.

How to prevent lash loss

To prevent eyelash loss you should do the following. Chop the hips and mix one tablespoon of the mixture with two tablespoons of oil as burdock and sea buckthorn. Then put the mixture in a dark place for ten days. Apply finished oil to the eyelashes every day.

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This simple and affordable agent as petroleum jelly will also help make your eyelashes thick and long. It should be applied to the cleaned lashes with a used mascara brush. The procedure should be done before bed for overnight that Vaseline to have a beneficial effect on eyelashes. Apply it for one month three times a week.

All of the above procedures will help your eyelashes to be long and beautiful.

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