Time-tested: Home remedies for longer eyelashes

The lashes regularly grow and fall out in any person. The eyelash life cycle is about 5-6 months, but you can grow thick long eyelashes in just a month or two. We will talk about the natural resources which will accelerate eyelash growth. Read more about eyelash growth treatment.

How correctly and quickly grow eyelashes and what are the home remedies for longer eyelashes? In principle, the eyelashes are same hair, so theoretically to accelerate their growth and care for them you could use hair care products. However, there is a risk that such agents will irritate the sensitive mucous membrane, so it is best to apply home remedies aimed at accelerating eyelash growth.

Oil for eyelash growth

home remedies for longer eyelashes: oil for eyelash growth

To make eyelashes grow faster in the first place, you should massage your eyelids, after which apply a special oil to the eyelashes. Any woman can do this oil from readily available components at home. First, it's natural oils: almond, grape seed oil, wheat germ oil, sea buckthorn. Olive and peach oil are also suitable for the growth of eyelashes, but castor and burdock - not (you can only use as masks). You can add oil solutions of vitamins A and E, aloe juice and other herbal ingredients. As the " tube" for oil you can use well washed mascara tube, which can be stored at room temperature, if your oil mascara contains only oil and vitamins (otherwise, place the finished oil in a refrigerator). That the eyelash growth was active, put oil to eyelash, but try not to get into your eyes! Learn more about how to make your eyelashes look longer with mascara.

Masks for eyelash growth

home remedies for longer eyelashes: masks for eyelash growth

If you decided to grow thick long lashes, do every other day a special mask to accelerate their growth. These masks are prepared on the basis of burdock or castor oil and require the removal in one hour after application. To prepare the mask for the rapid lash growth take one part of castor oil to one part of rum and one part of aloe juice or the same amount of rose oil. You can take castor oil and burdock in the same proportion and a drop in the mixture a pair of drops of oil solutions of vitamins A and E and the same number of drops of aloe juice. There is another method: take the same amount of castor oil, aloe juice and finely chopped parsley, stir and infuse for 24 hours. Place the mask in a refrigerator, and work out the eyelashes with the mascara brush or a cotton swab.

The decoction for eyelash growth

home remedies for longer eyelashes: decoction for eyelash growth

To accelerate eyelash growth, you can do homemade packs for eyelashes once a week yourself. Make an herb decoction (cornflower, Calendula, chamomile, coltsfoot), dip cotton pads in it and cover your eyelids with it (infuse for 20 minutes). Instead of decoction you can prepare conventional solid welding. Once you’ve taken off your cotton pads, give your lashes dry and apply previously prepared oil to the lashes.

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By alternating these simple home remedies for longer eyelashes, you will notice an eyelash growth in a week after use. But only provided that you will not forget to remove makeup at night or constantly using waterproof mascara. In the first case, cosmetics will crumble along with your lashes at night, in the second case - you have to remove the mascara by sufficiently rigid method, which leads to eyelash loss. And of course, it is not necessary to cut the eyelashes, if you want to grow them!


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