Unconditionally guaranteed to make your eyelashes longer without mascara

Home remedies for eyelash growth

Long and thick eyelashes beautifully set off the eyes and decorate the face making the look deeper and more expressive. If you have not such lashes by nature, you can create such lashes with mascara or false eyelashes. But they can damage your lashes: they become brittle, thin and begin to fall. Therefore lashes in need of care not less than the hair on your head. In this regard, many wonder how to make your eyelashes longer without mascara?

making your eyelashes longer without mascara

Proper nutrition with vegetable oils, juices and other natural products containing a lot of vitamins promotes growth and strengthen the eyelashes. Castor and almond oils stimulate eyelash growth, stop hair loss, and improve their structure. Rose oil has beneficial effects on the eyelid skin slowing down the aging process and thus creating better conditions for the supply of eyelash roots. Burdock and peach oils significantly accelerate eyelash growth and stop hair loss.

Home medicine offers many remedies to stimulate eyelash growth, which can be made at home. Naturally, there are the remedies to stimulate hair growth among them, not containing corrosive substances hazardous to the mucous membranes.

For proper storage and ease of use experienced beauticians offer to use the clean mascara tubes. These tubes are easy to carry in a handbag. You should apply it to the eyelashes with a clean mascara brush with slight movement of the hand. To avoid getting the agent into the eye, you should do it very carefully, because oil film is formed when getting oil into the eye, which it is difficult to remove.

Most of the home remedies are used daily at night for a month. Treatment should be repeated several times a year.

Recipes of traditional medicine to make your eyelashes look longer without mascara

As a makeup remover you can use lanolin. This animal wax will prevent the eyelashes from damaging and preserve their beauty.

With a cotton pad, apply warm almond or peach oil to the eyelashes - this is the best remedy for eyelash loss. After 15 minutes, remove the leftover with a cotton pad.

Castor oil and oil of sea buckthorn or hips with the addition of carrot juice or vitamin A accelerates the eyelash growth too.

Castor oil mixed with strong brewed black tea (1:1) is a useful dye for the eyelashes, which will make it darker.

To care for eyelashes you can useful mixture of castor oil, rose, grape seed oil, linseed oil, almond oil and wheat germ oil, or at least two or three of them. Apply the mixture to the eyelashes and eyelids, hold for 10 minutes.

Castor oil with the addition of a few drops of oil solution of vitamin also has a good effect on the lashes. Moisten the small brush in it and lightly massage your eyelids.

Eyelashes will get a darker shade, will soft and shiny due to a mixture of castor oil and rum, taken in equal proportions. Gently apply the mixture to the eyelashes with a brush avoiding hitting oils not only the eye but also on the skin.

The combination of castor oil and Vaseline (1:2) and tannin powder having a strong tanning effect, contributes to the eyelashes grow thick and long. By the way, you read the article Vaseline is 100% guaranteed way to make your eyelashes longer.

Burdock has long been considered in people a real elixir to stimulate hair growth. It is ideal to restore eyelash color and increasing their volume, especially in a mixture of brandy and Vaseline (by 1 teaspoon of each component). To achieve the desired effect it is enough to lubricate eyelashes every night with all necessary precautions. And yet, how can I make my eyelashes longer?

A mixture of vegetable oil with parsley juice or aloe nourishes eyelid skin and strengthens eyelash roots, which should be used as a massage fluid making your eyelashes look longer without mascara. The mixture should be gently rubbed into the lash roots in the direction of their growth.

If you are not allergic to herbal preparations, use an infusion of Calendula lotion or cornflowers to stimulate eyelash growth. To prepare decoction pour a teaspoon of dried flowers with a cup of boiling water for 1-3 days. Soak cotton pads in the finished decoction and apply to the eyes. Hold it for 20 minutes.

To stimulate eyelash growth, mix 8 g of petroleum jelly, castor oil, 5 g and 0.2 g of Peruvian balsam. The resulting ointment is harmless to the eyes. It should be applied to the eyelashes 2 times a day for an extended period.

Take equal parts almond oil, burdock, castor or olive oil, fish oil and vitamin E oil solution and apply a mixture to the eyelashes. Learn more about how do you make your eyelashes longer.

You can stop eyelash loss with a decoction of birch leaves.

Rubbing burdock juice or nettle into the eyelid skin also stimulates eyelash growth well.

The impact on the eyelashes with home remedies will be effective only in combination with a healthy balanced diet. The quality of your everyday makeup plays an important role - mascara and eye shadows.

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