Physiology of eyelash growth cycle

Physiology of eyelash growth

Eyelashes - is a natural protective filter for the eyes. They are created to prevent the ingress of foreign particles. Eyelashes - this is the hair. The number of individual eyelashes is from 150 to 250 hairs on the upper eyelid and three times less on the lower eyelid.

Eyelash growth has a growth cycle like the hair on your head. Only the duration of the eyelash growth cycle is less than the hair.

eyelash growth cycle

Active phase is called anagen, in which the growth of new hair ciliary occurs. This phase lasts up to five months. The next phase is catagen or rest period, it is the shortest in the life cycle of the lashes. Tanagen - it is the completion of the cycle, eyelash falls out, and instead it new one regrows. On the upper eyelid the lashes are constantly changing, some fall out, others grow, it all happens gradually, so the total number of new lashes is equal of dropped ones.

Eyelash growth is an ongoing process, but if the eyelashes start falling out or stopping in growth, it is necessary to look for the cause. The very first reason, especially if up to this point you have normal eyelashes, this is improper lash care and use of substandard cosmetics. Did that stop the eyelash growth - this is the beginning of a disease, and you should listen to the general well-being of your body. If the disease is not present, it is possible and necessary to begin restoring eyelash growth. Read more about eyelash growth rate.

You can restore eyelash growth cycle with the help of home remedies. You can use various oils such as castor oil with added vitamins AE. Apply it to the lid at lash roots, and then carefully to rinse, so as not to damage the lashes.

A mixture of several kinds of oils gives a good effect in the growth and strengthening the lashes. A combination of these oils is selected based on your preferences. The main thing is that you may apply them easily and that are quickly absorbed into eyelid skin and not entering your eyes. How to make your eyelashes longer naturally. You should not use mixtures for eyelash growth which are used for hair growth on the head. Though the eyelashes are the hair, but proximity to the eyeball excludes methods that can damage the retina.

If you are tired of preparing of nourishing masks and washing these masks off until the eyelashes begin to redden, then use a professional means.

Cosmetic companies produce a lot of good quality balms, conditioners and tonics that accelerate the eyelash growth.


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