Ballarat, Victoria, Australia

Eyelash extensions salons of Ballarat invite you into the world of beauty and health, to evaluate the effectiveness of their eyelash stylists. Your own lash artist in Ballarat to create a unique hairstyle, extend your eyelashes, dye your hair, and more, as well as advise you on the proper care of the eyelashes and give some tips about regular touch up appointment.

In addition, beauty salons offer one of the most comprehensive set of treatments for the care of your hands and nails in Ballarat. This classic men's and women's manicure, a variety of treatments for the skin, and of course, eyelash. Among the new areas, lash salons offer new programs to restore the eyelids after eyelash extensions.

Eyelash extensions Ballarat. Good to know. A eyelash extension touch up application

The life of eyelash extensions is anywhere two-three weeks as it is for this time your own lashes are renewed. Eyelashes fall out gradually.

An eyelash extension touch up application consists in that eyelash extensions a lash artist of Ballarat removes all regrown eyelashes, and extend new in their place. Usually new eyelashes will have grown after two weeks.

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  • Absolute Indulgence, Sts, Ballarat VIC 3350, (03) 5332 1411
  • Alfredton Hair & Beauty, 1775- 1777 Sturt St, Alfredton VIC 3350, (03) 5334 2238
  • Ballarat Eyelash Extensions, 160 Canadian Lakes Blv, Canadian VIC 3350, 0422 120 881


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