Eyelash extension classes

If you want to learn how to extend the length and volume of lashes and to give the look special expressiveness and depth, creating an unusual decor, we can offer eyelash extension classes. The syllabus is not only for professionals, but also for beginners. In addition, completing eyelash extension classes, you will be able to carry out high-paying and demanded treatment both in a beauty salon and at home.

Eyelash extension classes offer two techniques: individual eyelash extensions and cluster lash extensions. Training is conducted by a true lash artist, known beauticians and lash artists. They'll reveal all the secrets of this skill and teach how to do it efficiently and correctly. In addition, you will learn how to care for eyelashes before and after the eyelash extension procedure, to decorate them. Eyelash extension classes intend to use modern, safe materials and technologies. In particular, the own lashes are not suffering from the extension extension procedure.



Eyelash extensions classes

Eyelash extension classes will help you become a professional and able to make women’s eyes more beautiful and expressive. Every girl dreams about having thick and fluffy lashes without spending time on daily make-up. After eyelash extension classes at the center, you will be able to help each woman to achieve the desired result. The lash artists offer two courses on extensions and modeling eyelashes, based on different methods. At the end of each course you will receive a certificate. There are two types of eyelash extensions – cluster lash extensions and individual eyelash extensions.

Eyelash extension classes are one of the most popular educational programs. Progress does not stand still, and a procedure called “eyelash extensions” has been appearing in cosmetic, which helps make any woman the owner of the gorgeous thick lashes.

Eyelash extension classes include:

  • 1. Description of materials for eyelash extensions. Contraindications to lash extensions;
  • 2. Eyelash extension technique.
  • 3. The preparatory phase of the eyelash extension (make-up remover, preparation of the lower lid). Practical skills training.
  • 4. Cluster lash extension technique.
  • 5. Individual eyelash extensions.
  • 6. Types of eyelash extensions.
  • 7. Design of eyelashes.
  • 8. Caring for eyelashes before and after extension.
  • 9. A touch up appointment. Removing eyelashes.
  • 10. To drill on the models.
  • 11. Analysis and evaluation of the work performed.

A certificate is issued.

Materials for the workshop are provided by the Centre.

Eyelash extension classes take eight academic hours.


Online eyelash extension training

How to find occupation you'll love?

How to find profession that will be satisfy both materially and in terms of mind? Labor of love, which will provide your life with bright meetings with interesting people, provide a comfortable living and be fun?

We suggest you take unique online eyelash extension training online that will help to a lash artist this art. At present this course is one of the most sought-after, and the possession of skill extensions brings to its owners a steady income.

Online eyelash extension training offers three-day training and meets the international standards in training by the lash artists. Also we advise to visit eyelash extension course in Sydney.

The program of our training center includes all the disciplines required qualification "Eyelash Extension Stylist." On completion of training, you will receive a certificate from the International Center for eyelash extension and design and the Centre for Master of Art.

You will be able to attend seminars to attract customers and the psychology of communication, which will give you extra points in the employment market.



Eyelash extension school

Art eyelash is real magic. In eyelash extension school you will be able to by own hands to create advanced images to realize your creative potential and creativity through design. Besides, you always have to communicate with people and you will find many pleasant and interesting meetings. Finally, you will give women beauty, which is an important part of self-esteem of every woman. And, to the people, who create beauty, are always appreciated, positive and friendly.

Program of eyelash extension school:

  • Cluster lash extensions technique (theory + practice)
  • Familiarization with the materials and tools.
  • Instruction during the eyelash extension procedure.
  • Preparing to extensions of natural lashes.
  • The process of eyelash (sticking, binding, modeling).
  • Creative design of eyelashes.
  • An eyelash extension touches up application. Right to remove the lashes.
  • Caring for eyelash extensions.

In eyelash extension course in Perth, you can learn the latest eyelash extensions technology and simulation eyelashes, buy quality professional materials for extensions and perm eyelashes and make inexpensive eyelash from real professionals in studios of Perth.


Eyelash extension course Perth, Western Australia, Australia

Eyelash extension course in Perth includes all disciplines required qualification “Eyelash Extension Stylist.” You get certificates from the International Center of extension and design eyelashes and Training Center Master of Art after on leaving the eyelash extension course in Perth.

A certificate of such class immediately proves yourself to be a good lash artist in the market as a high-major specialist in the field. A certificate provides the opportunity to work in beauty eyelash extension salons in Perth and at home.

The lash artists who trained with eyelash extension course in Perth, show themselves to the best advantage and demonstrate commitment to hard work, lash artists offer a unique opportunity to undergo training at Training Center Master of Art in Perth. Internships give you the opportunity to further employment in our center.

As already mentioned, we are working together with the International Center eyelash extension and design of the US, a serious organization, which is known worldwide for its high standards and quality of work.

Think about it, your success always depends on you! And, if fate gives you a chance to change your lives for the better, you cannot abandon it. In the case of working with us, the changes in your life, and require minimal time and cost.