How long do false eyelashes last - The things you need to know

One of the easiest and fastest ways to make expressive eyes - use false eyelashes. Such beauty accessories can be found in any beautician, as they allow you to vary the degree of thickness and length of your own lashes, especially if the nature did not reward you with them. These can be individual eyelashes, cluster lashes or even strip lashes that, if there is some skill, are applied quickly and easily. In the beauty salons you can get the eyelash extension service that will eliminate the need to use the glue.

How long do false eyelashes last?

Once a woman will understand with how to choose false eyelashes, the question immediately raises: "How long do false eyelashes last?" It is impossible to obtain an unequivocal answer at the same time, since the service life of these beauty accessories depends on a sufficient number of factors, including master skills carrying out the procedure. If the false eyelashes are glued, their service life is considerably less than eyelash extensions. The place of attachment is also important, namely, they are applied to: the eyelids, individual eyelashes, cluster lashes or strip lashes, or to your own lashes, as in the case of eyelash extensions.



To false eyelashes pleasing you as long as possible, it is necessary to comply with technique of application, making sure that you applied sufficient quantities of the adhesive onto adhesive area. To do this, the adhesive is applied to strip with the toothbrush, and individual eyelashes or cluster lashes should be dipped directly into a drop of adhesive.

If false eyelashes are needed only for a few hours until the party lasts, then you can use any adhesive included. Otherwise, it is better to use the more resistant agent, sold separately. If you use a special false eyelash adhesive instead of the regular glue, you should know that it lasts no more than 16 hours.

False eyelashes are very "capricious" accessories. They do not like mechanical effect, vibration, changing of humidity, moisture and oily composition, temperature, salty sea water, the effect of sunlight, wind, rain or snow.

Theoretically, if you do not wash, do not sleep and do not blink, do not cook in the kitchen, do not go out, the false eyelashes can last for several months. Since it is difficult to imagine a situation like this, women wear them only a few hours or days. Even the increased activity of the sebaceous glands in the skin may cause peeling qualitatively applied false eyelashes.

How long do false eyelashes last with makeup?

The life service of the false eyelashes can be drastically reduced, if you rub your eyes or use oil-based makeup remover. Most long-term service with eyelash extensions is up to three months, but it is possible in the case of regular professional care for them (a touch up application). You cannot wear them longer because of the regrowth of your own lashes, so if after this time your natural eyelashes will need at least a two-week break.

To extend your lashes usually natural hairs of sable, mink or silk are used and the adhesive is sufficiently active chemical compound. Therefore, if you discover any allergic reactions or irritation – it is a signal to remove false lashes.

So, it is now recommended to wear false eyelashes often and for a long time, as it provokes irritation and the emergence of infectious diseases of the eye. They should be removed as well as make-up - before going to bed, it will protect your eyes from fatigue, own eyelashes - from damage. For daily use is better to use lengthening mascara, since even the eyelash extensions over time begin to fall out together with your own eyelashes.


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