How to remove false eyelashes at home: The best tips

As you know, there is no limit to perfection, so you will have to work on even the most beautiful features that are like puzzles folding in a pretty face. After all, beauty is easily converted into gray mouse if she stops caring of herself. First of all, the original and bright accent, of course, the eyes give a woman. You can change them quickly and radically using false eyelashes effortlessly.

Discovering the benefits of false eyelashes one day, many women enjoy this simple and accessible method of turning your eyes, and, consequently, appearance, from mediocre - to unique.


You can apply false eyelashes in the beauty salons and at home, but to remove them women usually try doing it at home, and, as a rule, women pay this procedure much less attention. Nevertheless, on how false eyelashes will be removed not only the appearance of natural eyelashes, but also their health depends on.

How to remove false eyelashes at home safely?

False eyelash removal procedure is not difficult; the main thing to observe some rules and to follow the recommendations of makeup artists.

  • First, during the procedure you should not make any sudden movements.
  • You need to start the false eyelash removal procedure with compress, to do it you need to apply cotton pads soaked in warm water to the eyelids for 3 minutes.
  • Then, along the lash line, close to the edge, you need to apply a two-phase makeup remover or olive oil to soften the glue.
  • Only then you may carefully with tweezers, start slowly removing the strip of false eyelashes from the eyelids. Do the same steps to remove cluster lashes.
  • After all false eyelashes have been removed, you need to clean the eyelids of residual adhesive and then remove all make-up in the usual way.

Removing false eyelashes in the beauty salon

If there is any doubt in your own abilities, you can remove false eyelashes. The difference in the performance of the procedure is not only the professionalism of make-up artist, but also special tools for removal of false eyelashes, used by professionals. The liquid, which the lash artist applies to the edge of the eyelids, the glue dissolves quickly and safely for the eyes, and the whole procedure will not take much time. Experienced and skilled hands of a lash artist gently and painlessly cope with any type of eyelashes, in addition, if desired, you can get valuable advice from a professional on follow-up care for your lashes.

However, regardless of where the eyelash removal procedure is carried out, after it you need to apply castor oil to your natural eyelashes. This restorative treatment needs to be carried out at least three days, preferably in the evening.

Storage of false eyelashes and care for them

You must wash off the remains of the glue and mascara from false eyelashes. Otherwise you have to just throw the set of false eyelashes out in the morning, but yet with proper care your new lashes can reuse to 5 times.

The cleaning process is quite simple and will not take much time and effort. To do this, take a clean toothbrush, dip it into the soapy water and gently clean the false eyelashes. The clean false eyelashes should be dried thoroughly, and only then you can put them in a native container and leave it until the next use. Only this way, false eyelashes preserve the original appearance, the original structure and quality.

Recommendations by lash artist

  • Despite the fact that the false eyelashes originally intended for reuse, it is not recommended to glue them too often. Otherwise, you may have infectious diseases of the eyelids and eyes, in the best case irritation.
  • Do not leave false lashes on the eyelids for long, especially sleep with them because it can cause serious damage to the eyelids and eyes.


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