How to put on false eyelashes in 6 steps plus videos

How to apply false eyelashes - detailed step by step instructions and videos

Natural beauty - it is wonderful, but there are times when you need to look spectacular. And then any means to an end to achieve this result. To make the eyes more expressive, you need to put on false eyelashes. But in order to false lashes were in harmony with your eyes and face and they have held for at least a day, you should know how to put on false eyelashes. Today we'll tell you about it.

What you should know about false eyelashes?

False eyelashes can be different: thin, long, curved, more smooth, dense, colorful, with rhinestones. You can put on the false eyelashes on the entire eyelid, and can apply only to a certain area, for example, only to the outer corner of the eye.

You need to buy a special adhesive for false eyelash, but not a medical. Such adhesive may be transparent and colored, lasts usually several days, and has a water repellent effect. If you have sensitive eyes, it is best to select a hypoallergenic adhesive.

It is not enough to tell about how to put on false eyelashes, it is desirable to show, so watch the video, and if something is not clear from the video, then below there is a description of this procedure.

Instructions: How to put on false eyelashes

  1. Before applying false eyelashes, you need to apply makeup: foundation, eye shadow, and eyeliner or eye pencil. Now you can apply mascara onto the eyelashes. It is necessary to choose the size of false eyelashes so that they were the same size as the natural eyelashes.
  2. Now apply false eyelashes to the eye to determine their size. Trim the excess of the eyelashes. You need to trim from the other side, where the eyelashes longer. If you cut the lashes from the short edge, it is possible to get a sharp transition from your natural eyelashes to artificial ones, but it is not very nice.
  3. To make it easier to put on false eyelashes, you need to prepare them: warm the false lashes in your hands a little, bend them to become more plastic. If you want your lashes to look more natural, then you can experiment and trim them here and there, to make them different length as natural eyelashes look. If you need to get the puppet or theater effect, leave everything as it is. If you want, you can curl the false eyelashes with a special eyelash curler.
  4. Apply a small amount of glue onto the back of your hand and dip the edge of the false eyelashes to the glue (apply only to one eye). Pay special attention to the edges. Allow the glue to dry out a bit - 20 seconds and then apply it as close to the lash line as possible and slightly press down with your fingers. After a minute, check to make sure that all the eyelashes stuck well, move them left and right. It is the edges of false lashes often unstuck. This can be easily touched up – put on the glue with a thin brush.
  5. Now run on top and bottom lashes with a toothpick, as if mixing artificial and your natural eyelashes; also you can comb them with a brush.
  6. The final touch - put a thin line of eyeliner on the eyelid on the top of false eyelashes. Start from the inner corner of the eye. This technique makes the image completed, and allows you to hide the adhesive line.

Perhaps the first time you will not be able to do everything we wanted, but in order to go out with false eyelashes, you will need to practice. Do not despair, in the end, the result is worth it to spend your valuable time.

How to put on false eyelashes you already know, you just need to know how to remove them. As a rule, the set with false eyelashes includes eyelash adhesive and false eyelash removal. But if you have not got this means, eye makeup remover may help you, you just need to apply it onto the adhesive line and hold a few minutes. If this does not work, try adding a drop of oil (castor or burdock). But it is best to use special agents, which ensure that the natural eyelashes will not be damaged during the removal procedure.


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