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Hong Kong beautysalons offer the services as: manicure and pedicure: nail extensions, eyelash extensions, nail and skin of hands and feet and nail art design.

Cosmetic services are able to get every woman in Hong Kong to shine with beauty and youth. Beauticians have medical education and work experience in the field of dermatology, not only professionally carry out a wide range of cosmetic procedures, but also provides individual counseling clients on care of the eyelashes.

If you always want to look irresistible, take advantage of coloring eyelashes and eyebrows has been appeared not long ago such service as eyelash extensions in Hong Kong. Ultra long modern dye highlights your features and relieves you from awkward situations, when usually makeup can fail.

There are many types of eyelash extensions and the choice depends entirely on the client's wishes.

Eyelash extensions Hong Kong - Good to know. How to care for eyelash extensions?

  • - Extended eyelashes are unable to stand oil. It’s quite to lubricate some oil on the eyelids and extended eyelashes instantly rally. That is why the vegetable oil that we eat, use as the easiest and simplest way to remove the extended eyelashes at home. It's enough to put oil on the eyelids at night and in the morning your lashes will be on the pillow;
  • - Do not use oily cream, since it is like the oil easily dissolves the glue;
  • - In any case can not rub your eyes with eyelash extensions. You can only gently twice a day touch the eyes, in the morning and evening.
  • - Gentle eyelash extensions are unable to stand chlorinated water. Therefore, swimming in the pool or sea bathing shorten lifetime of eyelash extensions;
  • - Cosmetics also reduce lifetime of eyelash extension.
  • - Eyelash extensions require accuracy during sleep. You should sleep on your back or on your side, and you should not sleep the face against in the pillow.
  • - No need to curl lashes, because the lashes initially have already curled and fixed on eyelids in such a way that eyes shape is more harmonious with your feature of face.

Welcome to beauty eyelash extension salons in Hong Kong.

From Address: To:

  • Joli Salon, Kam Sing Mans, Shau Kei Wan, Hong Kong, 2567 8880
  • La Belle Hair Salon, Glenealy Tower, Mid-levels, Hong Kong, 2527 7178
  • La Masion D'Or Salon De Coiffure Ltd, Tak Woo Hse, Central District, Hong Kong, 8100 4081
  • Lavi Hair Salon, 15 Morrison Hill Rd, Wan Chai, Hong Kong, 2832 9111
  • Lo Sha Salon, Yick Fat Bldg, Quarry Bay, Hong Kong, 2565 0223
  • Manly Salon, Manly Plaza, Quarry Bay, Hong Kong, 2564 6888
  • May Uk Hair Salon, World Fair Ct, Wah Fu, Hong Kong, 2551 4132
  • Mei Salon, 11 Chancery Lane, Central District, Hong Kong, 2524 5966
  • Mickey Hair Salon, Lily Mans, Wan Chai, Hong Kong, 2520 1782
  • O Two Hair Salon, Yue King Bldg, Wan Chai, Hong Kong, 2861 0816
  • Room Hair Salon Ltd, 13 Lan Fong Rd, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong, 2831 9889
  • Salon De La Beau, Bay View Mans, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong, 2577 1702
  • Sam Salon, 39 Yik Yam St, Happy Valley, Hong Kong, 2573 3330
  • Shining Hair Salon, North Point Goodview Centre, North Point, Hong Kong, 2535 9128
  • Slim & Beauty Salon, Abdoolally Hse, Central District, Hong Kong, 2525 5848
  • Tommy Hair Salon, Winning Hse, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong, 2581 0066
  • We Salon, 181 Shau Kei Wan Rd, Shau Kei Wan, Hong Kong, 2513 7808
  • West Wood Hair Salon, 63 Percival St, Wan Chai, Hong Kong, 2891 9391


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