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A mascara is a faithful friend of each woman. The eyes look glazen without it, glassy and even the evening makeup looks incomplete. If you have extended your eyelashes or you are going to do that, then you should know that after the application you no need to mascara your semi-permanent eyelashes. They look great without any mascaras. Eyelash extensions salons in Houston TX and certified lash artists invite you.

There are a huge choice of eyelashes for extensions. They vary not only in size, but also in color. That means that you may not choose black eyelashes, but extensions of any other shade. But that doesn't mean that you can not mascara the semi-permanent eyelashes at all. You may apply to make-up artists of Houston, TX and they will make your eyelashes glare all the time.

Eyelash Extensions Houston, TX - Good to know

Mascara to increase volume of eyelashes

Lash artist can make the look more vivid, give it power in the evening. For this purpose, volume mascara "volume effect" is suitable very much. Large brush will give the impression of thick and long lashes.

Mascara for straight eyelashes

For those of us who have straight eyelashes, fit mascara with screw brush. Texture of mascara allows you to continue the natural curve of the eyelashes, making the eyes look more open and clear. Before applying mascara, tighten up straight lashes special eyelash curlers, the result will be much brighter! Eyelash extensions technicians in Houston, TX will create new image for your eyes.

Mascara for short lashes

There is a solution for those who have short eyelashes. Your perfect mascara is «extension», has the properties to give your lashes more voluminous look, while pulling them in length. In the application, it looks much more natural mascara “volume effect” and is suitable for daily use.

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544 A Waugh Dr
Houston, TX 77019
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Houston, TX 77008
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Houston, TX 77019
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Houston, TX 77098
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Houston, TX 77098
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Houston, TX 77098
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Houston, TX 77008
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1415 Voss Rd
Houston, TX 77057
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Houston, TX 77098
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Houston, TX 77098
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Houston, TX 77063
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Houston, TX 77098
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2306 Brazos St
Houston, TX 77006
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