Eyelash extension - Business cards

Eyelash extension business cards are an indispensable thing for the image of any beauty salons. They emphasize the image of a lash artist and are part of the corporate identity of beauty salons.

Business cards are the smallest and most popular form of business printing.

Original and high quality business cards are a worthy demonstration of your corporate identity!

Eyelash extension business card is a contact information carrier about beauty salon, a lash artist etc. Humanity is familiar with the cards for several millennia. In ancient China in the third century BC, officials had to have the red cards, and they prohibited indicate something other than the name and titles on the cards. Today business cards make on paper, cardboard, plastic, CD-ROM, wood and metal. Restrained business card is a model of good form and aesthetics, which contains only: full name, the company (with a logo) and contact information.


Eyelash extensions before and after. Pictures

eyelash extensions before and after pictures

Today, many people discuss about the pros and cons of the eyelash extension procedure. One can say that the main advantage lies in the fact that lashes are extremely beautiful and long.

There are two types of eyelash extensions: cluster and individual eyelash extensions. The cluster eyelash extension technique consists is that several clusters of the lashes are glued to the base of your natural eyelashes. Individual eyelash extensions technique differs from clusters only in that each eyelash is glued individually and respectively the lash procedure takes more time.

Both natural and artificial materials are used for the eyelash extension procedure. Natural lashes, though are more expensive, but do not cause allergies. We recommend extending your lashes in the lash salons to avoid any problems with your eyes. Eyelash extensions performed certified lash artist avoid possible negative consequences. I recommend looking for some pictures of eyelash extensions before and after, and then you will decide for yourself if you need it.



Eyelash extension before and after

Eyelash extension before and afterToday, eyelash extension procedure has been becoming very popular around the world. So, for example, at the graduation at the school of New York, almost all graduates have extended lashes. Lashes make a girl confident, and look fascinating and profound.

Eyelash extensions look perfectly, for example, before and after:



Katie Price and eyelash extensions

Modeling career of Katie Price is poor. Glossy magazines (except for the Men's Journal) do not invite her to the shooting. There is no one advertising contract from any of the famous fashion house. Even nobody called at the Victoria's Secret show. But nothing! Katie has found the opportunity to try luxury lingerie and eyelash extensions.

As usual Price showed her body (especially the chest) and eyelash extensions at the party. But it was not enough for this girl. She has realized that the work as a model does not enrich her and Katie decided to combine business with pleasure. She has already tried your power at publishing. And I must say, very successful: her first book, "The Angel" immediately became a best seller, as well as the other seven subsequent novels. Following this success, Katie decided to try to force in design. First she created a collection of underwear, and is now set for decoration.