Eyelash extensions Indianapolis, IN, US

Eyelash extension process consists in that an artificial eyelash is glued to your natural eyelash individually. In such a way that lash artists in eyelash extension salons of Indianapolis attaches anywhere 100 — 150 eyelashes per eye. You will be glued not only 20-25 clusters per eye, but also 100-150 individually glued eyelashes.

Don’t worry about that after several days some eyelash extensions will fall out. It is not a big problem. And, don't worry that a lash artist will make a mistake during the application. You should remember that a natural eyelash has its own lifetime.

Eyelash extensions Indianapolis - Good to know

Period of wearing eyelash extensions depends on the life of our natural eyelashes, which are renewed by every 2-3 weeks. However, sometimes some women in Indianapolis want to remove eyelash extensions prematurely. So how to remove eyelash extensions at home? In fact, everything is quite simple. You only need to choose an ordinary oily cream.

You should gently apply an oily cream on an extension line with a cotton swab. The cream dissolves the glue and it loses its stability and you will be able to remove the extended lashes effortlessly! Lash artists of eyelash extension salons of Indianapolis will make your eyelashes more expressive. But you will have to get a regular touch up anywhere every month to prolong the life the lashes.

After removal of the lashes, you will need care of your own lashes. You can use traditional remedies such as burdock. Apply the oil carefully avoiding contact with eyes.

Eyelash extension salons of Indianapolis are waiting for you.

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  • Body Works Day Spa & Salon, 435 Virginia Ave, Indianapolis, IN 46203, (317) 423-2639
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  • American Laser Skincare755 W Carmel Dr, Carmel, IN 46032, (317) 759-8954
  • My Skin Studio, 38 E 39th St, Indianapolis, IN 46205, (317) 506-3829
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  • Maxine's Chicken & Waffles, 132 N East St, Indianapolis, IN 46204, (317) 423-3300
  • About Mei Salon, 2000 E 116th St, Carmel, IN 46032, (317) 979-4488
  • The Waxing Spot, 5650 W 86th St, Indianapolis, IN 46278, (317) 605-6863
  • A Do Hair Design, 6207 N College Ave, Indianapolis, IN 46220, (317) 205-9850
  • Venus Nails & Spa, 6681 E 82nd St, Indianapolis, IN 46250, (317) 578-1944
  • Seva, 7325 N Keystone Ave, Indianapolis, IN 46240, (317) 205-0000
  • The Naked Monkey, 8355 E116th St, Fishers, IN 46038, (317) 585-4929
  • Seva, 10735 Pendleton Pike, Lawrence, IN 46236, (317) 205-0000
  • NYNE Hirspa, 11801 Commercial Dr, Fishers, IN 46038, (317) 517-4567


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