Eyelash extensions Long Island, NY, US

The eyelash extensions salons of Long Island are a paradise for those who want to extend your eyelashes and immerse themselves in the atmosphere of harmony, beauty and health. Below is a list of eyelash extensions salons of Long Island, and we are confident that you will find "yours" salon you wish, conveniently located near your house or office. Special pride of salons is regulars who always come in years. This is understandable, because you will be greeted as a dear and long-awaited guest, and make sure that you will come to beauty salons of Long Island again and again.

Eyelash extensions Long Island - Good to know

Eyelash extensions Long IslandWe all dream of thick and long eyelashes which give expressiveness and beauty to our glances. Therefore we are buying various extending mascara, creams and lotions for growth of eyelashes. But what should we do, if we are not blessed by the nature with long and thick eyelashes? The way out of the situation is eyelash extensions in Long Island!

Such semi-permanent eyelashes with their length, thickness and beautiful bend will make a miracle and transform your appearance incredibly. Besides they are very practical. You don’t have to put mascara on daily because they are good in themselves, don’t worry that they will flow at the most inappropriate moment.

Take an advantage of eyelash extensions salons of Long Island and you will look glorious.

From Address: To:

  • NYC Firewood, Long Island, NY 11741, (631) 522-3056
  • Otis Pike Fire Island High Dune Wilderness, Long Island, NY
  • Weiss Carpet Cleaning, Serving Long Island and the Surrounding Area, (516) 699-8399
  • Tricia LaPonte Photography, Long Island, NY, (516) 537-8152
  • Pat's Construction, Long Island, NY, (516) 826-7761
  • National Grid, Long Island, NY, (800) 930-5003
  • All Dolled Up, Long Island, NY, (516) 776-2947
  • Paper Hearts Photography, Long Island, NY, (516) 319-0493
  • Barbara Badetti Palumbo Photograhpy, Long Island, NY, (631) 374-1017
  • 911 Restoration of Nassau County, Serving Long Island and the Surrounding Area, (877) 636-1104
  • Long Island Scuba Training, Long Island, NY 11741, (631) 626-9166
  • Henna By Jessica, Long Island, NY 11967, (631) 316-8706
  • Helene kaplan, Long Island, NY 11705, (516) 538-6799
  • Suburban Pest Management, Long Island, NY 11787, (631) 864-6900
  • Sammie's Sweets, Long Island, NY 11714, (516) 360-6200
  • Stacey Lynn Cosmetics, Long Island, NY 11779, (631) 626-4650
  • E&T Cleaning Services, Long Island, NY 11741, (516) 359-1795
  • Keylite Studio, Long Island, NY 11731, (631) 398-1441
  • Teesa's Garden, Long Island, NY 11741
  • Pt. Lookout Park & Beach, Long Island, NY 11741


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