7 steps to do a smokey eye makeup for hazel eyes

Smokey eyes or smoky makeup became fashionable in the twenties of the last century, when black and white film was a popular. But until now, this option of makeup remains the most favorite in many women, as it allows drawing attention to the eyes, making them alluring and mysterious. This eye makeup is characterized by fuzzy blurred contours, as if through a haze. However, often in an attempt to create smokey eyes, women overdoing eyeshadows, mascara or liner pencil, and as a result they got yesterday's smeared makeup effect. To avoid this, you need to learn how to correctly perform the smokey eyes for hazel eyes.

Step-by-step instruction

smokey eyes for hazel eyes

1. Prepare your skin. Apply leveling tonal foundation, shade it thoroughly. Apply light powder in a skin tone and blush of natural shade of warm or cold spectrum, depending on the range of colors to your own makeup.



6 best eyeshadow color for hazel eyes

Brown (hazel in particular) - the most common eye color in the world. Today I will show eyeshadow colors that enhance the beauty of hazel eyes. So what is the best eyeshadow color for hazel eyes?

Color number 1: Cobalt eyeshadow color

best eyeshadow color for hazel eyes

Hazel color is a mix of primary colors - green, orange and gray, and, accordingly, it is the hazel eyes blend well with a wide range of colors. Such a deep blue would look great with dark hazel eyes, this color can spark.



Perfect eyeshadow for hazel eyes - Tutorial

How to make beautiful makeup for hazel eyes: the subtleties and nuances

Perfect eyeshadow for hazel eyes: tutorial

Eyes, as you know, are the mirror of the soul. And to emphasize the beauty and depth of your inner world you need to learn to do the right makeup. The right choice of suitable shades of eyeshadow for hazel eyes plays an important role here. So, how to choose the appropriate shades of eyeshadows? What should be the shadow for hazel eyes?

how to do eyeshadow for hazel eyes



3 steps to apply eyeshadows for hazel eyes

Mysterious, warm and languid hazel eyes make a woman extremely attractive. But in order to emphasize the beauty of dark golden eyes, you need to choose the right makeup colors and apply it correctly.

You will need:

  • - Brush, applicators;
  • - Eyeshadows;
  • - Black eyeliner;
  • - Black mascara.

Step-by-step instruction on how to apply the best eyeshadows for hazel eyes

best eyeshadows for hazel eyes

1. Look at yourself in the mirror. If you are hazel eyed brunette, choose for eye makeup the following colors: brown, golden, black, silver and purple. Hazel-eyed blondes fit: sand, dark pink, blue, green. These are the main colors for hazel eye makeup. Different combinations of these colors are used to get the perfect eye makeup of golden hue.



8 best MAC eyeshadows for hazel eyes

My daily makeup helpers are the best MAC eyeshadows for hazel eyes Eye Shadow Pro Refill Pan

I want to show shades of eyeshadows of my two pallet MAC, which I use daily. The article was created mainly to acquaint you with color spectrum...

best mac eyeshadows for hazel eyes

For convenience, I have numbered the colors: