Top 6 best Maybelline mascara

What's the best Maybelline mascara. Pick up your brand

To be beautiful and perfect, the women try a lot of cosmetic products and makeup looking for the perfect mascara, lipstick, foundation, powder and so on. Often, these searches take years and those who found the appropriate means available, cannot part with it.

Those who are under active research, we will try to help with the selection. Let’s consider a few of the most popular choices of products of famous brands.

Mascara Maybelline

Mascara Maybelline

There is a huge range of mascaras from Maybelline. Here you can unleash the imagination and find a mascara for the eyelashes for each image and the type of makeup, as the mascara line has volumizing, tightening and even lengthening mascara for the "cat's eyes". All mascaras have high quality and rarely cause allergic reactions.



The best mascara for length: How to use it properly

What is the best lengthening mascara. How to use it properly

Lengthening mascara is an indispensable thing for any woman. It, of course, should first of all lengthen eyelashes properly, make prominent the shortest of them, share them, be of high quality and does not crumble a long time.

Over 50 % of women choose exactly lengthening mascara. It has a special formula and a special form of the brush with a thick bristle. There is a large number of mascara in the ends of your eyelashes, resulting in the effect of length. Nowadays, you can easily purchase a lengthening mascara with double bottle (double mascara). On the one hand there is a color mascara, and on the other - the foundation of an eyelash extension. A lengthening mascara includes silk fiber as well. This substance lengthens the lashes perfectly gluing them.

best mascara for volume and length

According to beautician tips, double mascara should be applied in two layers, the interval between applications is about 2 minutes. Do not overdo it, otherwise the eyelashes can look quite cumbersome.



Discover what color mascara for green eyes

Mascara for green eyes

Not all have the green eyes by nature and therefore certain character qualities ascribe to some green-eyed people. They are fundamental and solid personalities, while still good and reliable friends. They attract others for its stability and laxity, their ability to appreciate the situation properly. And in this case the question arises, namely, what color mascara for green eyes?

Green eyes mean the fact is that their owner is a philosopher and a dreamer at heart. At the same time he may be a skillful leader in his life and just a gentle and loyal partner. Interestingly, people with emerald eyes tend to meet his ideal in the life, which is clearly seen in his dreams. But in reality, they rarely try to remake the partner under their own ideas about this ideal.

what color mascara for green eyes

As for the green-eyed women, they are often ascribed magical abilities, referred to as a seductress. Of course, they attract a lot of men but very rarely change their partners in real life. It's hard to find a more loyal and caring wives than holders of emerald eyes.



The best mascara in the world 2013

Curl, drama, wow- effect: make-up artists have told the truth about the best mascara in the world 2013.

Mascara is the sacred beauty - tool for any woman, and many of us are willing to lay down her life for the best mascara with the effect of false eyelashes, which then looks completely natural. Leading make-up artists have told about such a mascara.

Beauty- brands are in a constant search the best mascara on the market with us: they are also interested in creating a hit mascara. The result: they offer every season - a huge number of new products with straight and curved, plastic, silicone and even vibrating brushes with water resistant formulas, as well as with the ingredients that contribute to eyelash growth. Some mascara have become the favorites of bloggers, editors, and, of course buyers, so they are released for decades.

what's the best mascara

But many have not found the ideal mascara for themselves, so it's time to figure out how to choose the best mascara not intuitive but in science.



100% colored mascara for brown eyes

Mascara for brown eyes

The eyes of light or dark brown color are called brown ones and their owners are ascribed many of the qualities of character. Brown-eyed women are considered feel very sensual and seductive, amorous and temperamental. Despite the fact that they are characterized by moodiness and extravagance, owners of brown eyes are different good-natured, they are absolutely not vindictive, very sociable and charming. So, many brown-eyed women are interested what color mascara for brown eyes?

what color mascara for brown eyes

Women with warm brown eyes are sociable, they are easy to establish contact with any interlocutor, can negotiate with anyone. We can say that easy and free chat is ace of trumps of brown-eyed people. Learn more eyeliner tips for brown eyes.

Brown-eyed women are especially prone to focus on outer beauty. They not only take care of themselves but also in need of admiration and compliments, demonstrate their commitment through appearance. It is often only by a warm look, women can melt any ice and break down any wall.