4 steps to make your mascara last longer

Shadows flake off, mascara smears and flows... How can we avoid this? Read more how to make your mascara last longer.

How to make your eyelashes and mascara will not flake off until the evening?

The secret strength of eye makeup is that you need to use cosmetic products correctly.

how to make your mascara last longer

1. Foundation. In order to make your mascara last until the evening, apply primer or concealer on the eyelid. Just do not use the tonal foundation - it is too wet and the shadows will roll flake off fast.

2. Cream shadows. Apply a thin layer of cream shadows and use the crumbly shadows. Choose a color that is close to your skin tone. If you want a more intense color, select cream shadows and crisp shadow the same shade.

3. Powder. Apply a powder around the eyes. It will help keep your makeup longer and soften the sharp transitions without affecting the color.

4. Eyelashes. Curl the eyelashes and mascara will serve you until the evening.

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