100% colored mascara for brown eyes

Mascara for brown eyes

The eyes of light or dark brown color are called brown ones and their owners are ascribed many of the qualities of character. Brown-eyed women are considered feel very sensual and seductive, amorous and temperamental. Despite the fact that they are characterized by moodiness and extravagance, owners of brown eyes are different good-natured, they are absolutely not vindictive, very sociable and charming. So, many brown-eyed women are interested what color mascara for brown eyes?

what color mascara for brown eyes

Women with warm brown eyes are sociable, they are easy to establish contact with any interlocutor, can negotiate with anyone. We can say that easy and free chat is ace of trumps of brown-eyed people. Learn more eyeliner tips for brown eyes.

Brown-eyed women are especially prone to focus on outer beauty. They not only take care of themselves but also in need of admiration and compliments, demonstrate their commitment through appearance. It is often only by a warm look, women can melt any ice and break down any wall.

What color mascara is suitable for brown eyes?

Color mascara helps focus on the magic brown eyes by means of such colors as green with emerald pearl shade, brown, black and brown and black with a touch of bronze or silver pearl as well. These colors make brown eyes mystique and nobility, and do look of the brown-eyed women more warm and expressive.

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Of course, you cannot ignore a hair color when choosing shades of mascara. Blondes will be able to highlight the soft look with brown, green, bronze or silver pearlescent mascara and a brunette can color with black and black and brown mascara.

Brown eyes women can find the desired hue from manufacturers like that: L'Oreal, Max Factor, Oriflame and others.

Eyeliner emphasizing brown eyes

Eyeliner is an indispensable tool for eye makeup especially its evening option. Special eyeliners are softer texture and rich color that perfectly lends itself to shading. Matte dark purple eyeliners as well as black ones with gold or purple pearl colors are perfect for women with hazel eye color. How to make colored mascara: Learn more...

We can talk about brown eyes endlessly. Makeup artists point out the many errors of brown eye women who try to use make-up. The fact is that the brown eyes in themselves are so bright that even a slight overdo with make-up may look vulgar. This is why women with beautiful hazel eye color to complete daily make-up are recommended to use the separating or lengthening mascara. But the volume mascara or mascara that simulates false eyelashes is best to use when applying a more vivid makeup for a night out.

To make brown eyes look nice and have a finished look, makeup artists recommend applying a thin line with a black eyeliner. It should run on the edge of the upper eyelid along the lash line. This way you can quickly and easily create a luxurious frame for precious brown eyes.

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