Top questions about eyelash extensions

Can I put mascara on eyelash extensions?

Yes, you can, but it makes no sense. Lashes look completely natural and very bright without mascara. Also, mascara reduces the life of lash extensions due to the fact that you will have to touch them, washing away makeup.

Do eyelash extensions cause allergy?

Eyelash extensions cause allergy if you have an intolerance. If you have a reaction to cosmetics, ask a lash artist to carry out a patch test, namely, to extend a few lashes on your skin. If after a few days, the allergy will not declare itself then you can safely extend your eyelashes. Usually the glue be tested, and the risk of allergy is minimal. Avoid only lashes of artificial hair.

The life of natural lashes is about a month, so the extended lashes will fall off with you own ones. So, you will have to get a touch up appointment every month, where a lash artist will glue the new lashes on the dropped place.



How to apply eyelash extensions yourself

So, how to apply eyelash extensions yourself? It is very easy. In general, this procedure can be divided into three stages.

In the first step you should prepare your own lashes for extensions yourself. You need thoroughly clean your lashes from cosmetics. Special agents on degreasing basis are applied for this.

In the second step, you should select the shape, color and length of eyelashes.

The color can be varied: a black and silver or blue. You can also combine several shades. If a girl for the first time have decided to extend eyelashes yourself, it is better to give preference to the traditional color that is black. Later, of course, you may do experiments with color.

There are 2 types of extended eyelashes production - natural and artificial. Of course, artificial eyelashes will be much cheaper than natural ones. But it is better to choose natural lashes, as they do not cause allergies.



Where to get eyelash extensions done?

Currently, the salons offer two types of extensions - the traditional (cluster lash extensions) and Japanese technology (individual eyelash extensions). Where to get eyelash extensions done? Traditional extensions are carried out by clusters which consist of a number of cilia. A Lash artist attaches them on the natural eyelashes. Japanese technology consists in sticking lashes one by one. The second method is more practical, since lashes will be held up by 3.5 months.

where to get eyelash extensions done

Special cosmetic glue is done for eyelash extensions, which is usually made on the basis of resin. Clay is of two types - black and white. Longer eyelashes are designed for outer corners of eyes. On the topmost point of the eyelid is extended a short and straight hair. With this look is mysterious and beautiful. Eyelash extensions, if desired, can also visually extend or lift the eye. Also to get eyelash extensions you may visit any salons of your city and choose what you want.

If you want your eyes became more elongated, you need to increase long eyelashes for external corners. If the ends of eyelash extensions to curved, it will lift the drooping corners of the eyes. In any case, the lashes after the procedure will look much better. This effect will last for about two - three months. But, you will have to do the a touch up appointment every 2 - 3 weeks. After some time, you’ll be able to extend you lashes again.


Some tips how to care for eyelash extensions

This article will be useful for those girls who have already extended her lashes and to wear them for a long time (months), you can help my tips on caring for lashes. How to care for eyelash extensions, and what you should avoid to extend the lifetime of lashes?

1. Extended eyelashes do not like too oily creams and lotions. The result, when using these creams may be the fact that eyelashes are unglued.

2. It is also not recommended to use oil. When applying oil to the eyelashes, the glue can be dissolved. You can use oil as agent for removing lashes. You can remove the extended lashes by yourself, without the help of lash artist. However, for the first time I advise to carry out this procedure at beauty eyelash extensions salon, to understand how to care for eyelash extensions.



Where to get lash extensions?

Every woman, of course, dreams of beautiful long eyelashes. Every woman is wondering where to get extended lashes. They will make her eyes even more beautiful and look - more expressive and inviting. To achieve this effect, modern women buy expensive mascara, increasing the volume of eyelashes. However, not always mascara helps to achieve the desired result. Even the best quality mascara can provide only a temporary effect. Due to mascara eyelashes become long and fluffy, but you’ll have to wipe all this beauty off in the evening and to apply again in the morning. Moreover, this procedure also takes a lot of time.

where to get eyelash extensionsToday it is found a simple solution to this problem. Where to get eyelash extensions? Instead of buying mascara, it would be better to go to a beauty salon and extend your lashes. Eyelash extension procedure is safe and painless. In recent years, eyelash extension procedure has been become very popular in US. It should be noted that eyelash procedure itself is not too expensive. It takes a little time - about an hour as well.

Before eyelash extension procedure, first you’ll have to completely remove the mascara. First of all, a lash artist will degrease your eyelashes. After it, process of extensions will begin. This work starts from the outer corner of the eye and runs toward inner corner.