What is eyelash extension made of?

What are eyelash extensions made ofAll eyelash extensions made of artificial materials, as may appear allergic reaction because of natural hair. Eyelash extensions in Saskatoon is excellent perfomed by the best lash artists.

Eyelash extensions not made of pilemink and sable, silk and human hair and eyelashes! No one technology around the world can process naturalbristles safely. Nevertheless, some manufacturers use code names as silk, sable, mink eyelashes. As rule, these names match different thickness of eyelashes. Is used different types of eyelash extensions.

Thickness of eyelash 0,10 mm has code name “sable”, Thickness of eyelash 0,15 mm – “mink”, 0,20 – “silk”. Of course, availability of code names on artificial eyelashes cup are not necessarily, on the cup can be written thickness, size, bend and color. Eyelash length varies from 6 to 14 mm. The most popular length are – 8, 10, 12 mm. There is different flexibility of artificial eyelashes, they have lettering: J,C and D.

For example, Jis closeto the natural human eyelashes curl, C - light bending and D – the most curled eyelashes. Artificial eyelashes have various palettes. But classic black eyelash extensions, you can see in assortment blue, brown, red, purple, magenta, yellow, green and other colors.

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