How long do eyelash extensions last?

When you extend your lashes, the most frequent question you hear is as follows: «For how long do eyelash extensions last?»

This is one of the most difficult questions and still has no definite answer. This is because there are plenty of factors that influence the lifetime of semi-permanent eyelashes.

The lifetime of eyelashes may differ for every woman.

The influence of material selection for eyelash extensions.

It depends on the way you care of semi-permanent eyelashes, on your particular circumstances.

How long do eyelash extensions lastIf you stick to all rules and conditions, theoretically, the semi-permanent eyelash should fall together with your own eyelash. Every eyelash of each eye has different development cycle and comes out every 60-90 days without our noticing it. When one eyelash comes out, a new eyelash has already begun growing and quickly replaces the old one. Every day we lose from 1 to 5 eyelashes.

The growth of eyelashes is purely individual for each person. One’s eyelashes grow quicker, one’s eyelashes grow slower.

The growth of eyelashes is influenced by such factors as: genetics, food, smoking, medicine, hormones, ect.

The early fall of semi-permanent eyelashs may be also connected with the quality of glue or forgetfulness of a lash artist who forgot to deoil the eyelashes before making extension. In this case eyelashes will fall in the course of a couple of days. We also reccomend to vizit the beauty salons eyelash extensions in Philadelphia.

The lifetime of your semi-permanent eyelashes is also connected with your way of living.

Eyelashes are water-proof and maintain moderate environmental influence. But the impact of the increased temperature or continuous impact of water on eyelashes will influence the glue composition.

That is why one should not often swim in the chlorinated water for too long, it may lead to eyelashes loss.

One should not use sauna.

One should not sleep with one’s face up against the pillow, it is necessary to sleep sidelong very carefully, because thin eyelashes can get out of shape and bend.

Beauty eyelash extension salons in Brampton offer a variety of programs to preserve the beauty and attractiveness. However, often women think about what beauty salon to choose to get the expected result. The choice of the suitable salon depend on: the list of services, professionalism of staff, location, price, customer reviews. We are happy to assist you in your search of the suitable salon in Brampton.


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