How much do lash extensions cost?

Lash eyelashes – what you should know

How much lash extensions cost depend on length, color, brand est. Note that all lash eyelashes are different. The first step you should decide on the order of the style - bending, style, length and color to radically change your image and can turn from normal prude in this glamorous diva.

Color of lash eyelashes as important as the right choice of color of mascara: it must meet not only the event type, but the day time. If you just want to add your look of expression in the evening, you can buy black lash eyelashes, and for the more natural look of the day - dark brown. Generally, to lash eyelashes look more natural, they should be darker than your own ones. Read more about the cost of eyelash extensions

Artificial lash length should be in harmony with the natural length of eyelashes. For special occasions and for theatrical effect, you can buy thicker eyelashes or multicolored.

how much do lash extensions costBeauty eyelash extension salons in RI will meet you with comfortable atmosphere, magic and hospitality. Every day, a team of professionals work for you. Lash artists will try to give you a good mood and confidence.

To beautiful women the beauty salons of RI offer hairdressing services. A lash stylist will help you choose the modern variants of hairstyles kits, right hair coloring, eyelash extensions and more.

You can join beauty salons in RI and clarify the cost of chosen services at the phone number in the contacts.


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