How to put on eyelash extensions?

How to put on eyelash extensions?First, all eye make-up is removed. Then, the eyelashes base is degreased by means special means. Next, a lash stylist selects length cilia that suit you, which are assembled into bundles of 3-7 hairs and starts sticking. You close your eyes, and do not open them for an hour.

Meanwhile, a lash artist, with his nimble fingers experienced put on eyelash extensions, takes tweezers and the direction from the outer corners of the eye to the internal tags on one cluster. Eyelashes glued by peace. For daily using are enough 5.3 bundles. And for example for the party, you can extend 13 clusters on each eyelid. The procedure is absolutely painless.

After the procedure is complete, you can relax and enjoy your lashes untill monthly correction.

Tools and materials for eyelash extensions at home

To put on eyelash extensions at home first of all you will need a set of artificial eyelashes. You can buy it from a retailer or directly in the beauty salon (to be sure the high quality of the product.) Moreover, you will be offered as individual and cluster eyelash extensions, choose you like. Well, to artificial lashes you’ll have to buy special glue for eyelash extensions. It is advisable to choose expensive hypoallergenic glue because if you decide save your money you may injure your eyelids.

In addition, you will need easy-to-use tweezers and detailed manual. And not surprisingly, it's better to buy the necessary materials and tools for eyelash extensions together by one set (such complete set are sold in many specialty stores and

Eyelash extensions Salons in Aberdeen offer a wide range of services. Here, any woman would be a little more happy and be able to find something special for yourself. Sensitivity and accuracy of employees, taking care of our every client are the main advantages the beauty salons of Aberdeen.


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