How much does eyelash extensions cost?

how much does eyelash extensions costNow, probably, it is impossible to find woman who has never thought of eyelash extensions. However, most of the beautiful half of humanity embrace doubt as a result of this treatment remains unclaimed. What stops women who dreams to get long thick eyelashes by means of eyelash extensions?

Gone are the days when this service was considered elitist, and eyelash extensions could afford only very wealthy woman. But apparently, the memory of that time formed a stereotype about the unavailability of eyelash extensions. Now the cost of eyelash extensions is not too high - prices range from 50$ to 200$, depending on the salon, the quality of materials and the level of professionalism of your make-up artist.

Eyelash extensions treatment takes only 1.5 - 2 hours, and the result will please you within 3-6 weeks (depending on the quality of the material and practice of make-up artists). Professional lash stylist necessarily advise you get a touch up, and you can keep eyelash extensions for up to 7 weeks even.

The visit to Eyelash Extensions salons of New Orleans begins with professional advice on which you’ll have picked a package of necessary treatments, give recommendations on the solarium, as well as advise the makeup that you should take to achieve the maximum effect with minimal effort.


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