Do eyelash extensions damage your eyelashes?

do eyelash extensions damage your eyelashesNegative features of the application are that your natural eyelashes after removing extended lashes become weaker. Eyelash extensions could damage your eyelashes and hair. Extended eyelashes cannot tolerate oily cosmetics, even after the lotion uses, applied to the skin around the eyes, eyelashes may fall off at an inopportune moment. Impressionable ladies will have to refrain from crying. You should not also rub your eyes. It’s recommended sleeping on your back and sideways.

If you like to sleep the face up against the pillow, in the morning your extended lashes will look like broken wings. If you wear contact lenses, before the procedure, enjoy them for the last time and put in the box. Next you can use them only when the extended eyelashes fall off.

Does semi permanent lashes damage eyes?

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