How to remove lash extensions by myself

how to remove lash extensions by myself

So, first let’s sort out what you should not do to remove lash extensions by yourself. Do not try to pull extended lashes off. It's unlikely that you’ll do it with success, because the glue is used for eyelash extensions very strong enough. Also, you can pull own lashes off with artificial ones, and it will not need it. Also, do not try to get rid of the glue with sharp objects; it is likely to get into the eyes.

Someone else has thought that lash extensions can be removed by means of the hot steam. Once again, we note that if the quality glue was used, then you won’t able to do it. What we do if we need to remove lash extensions by myself quickly and without problems?

You can use one of the following options:

Option 1. Removing lash extensions by means of oily cream

Removing lash extensions by means of oily cream

You can remove lash extensions by yourself at home by means of oily cream. It's important that it was really the oily consistency. Wash all the makeup off from the face, and above all, clean up from a pencil, eye shadows, etc. Take a cotton ball and soak it in cream. Looking in the mirror, gently apply the cream on the lash line and keep for a few minutes. After that, the adhesive must lose stability, and therefore, the cilia will be easy to remove. If the cream from the first time did not work, repeat the process and

Option 2. Removing lash extensions by means oil

Removing lash extensions by means oil

Now let's talk about how to remove the extended lashes with vegetable oil. In principle, there are no complications to do it. For this purpose olive oil or castor oil the best. To apply oil, you have to close one eye and use a cotton swab to apply the lash line oil. Exposure time is about 25-30 minutes. Once this time has expired, gently massage your the same line by finger. Please wait some moment and try using tweezers carefully remove the extended lashes. Again, if nothing happened, or are removed not all lashes, try to repeat the procedure again.

Option 3. Removing lash extensions by means of debonder

Removing lash extensions by means of debonder

Which methods are there to remove eyelash extensions yet? Sometimes it happens that the methods described above simply have no effect. Either glue comes too firm, or something else. So how to remove extended lashes just need, you should think about how to buy a special agent, called debonder. It is somewhat similar to the agents that are used to remove the lashes in the salons. With it, you can quickly soften the glue and easily remove all the lashes. You can look for it in the pro shop or order online. In any case, buy it in advance, it is not very expensive, but you do not have to resort to the methods described above, which are not always effective.

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