How long do they last eyelash extensions?

how long do they last eyelash extensions

Women who decide to wear eyelash extensions a long time should not forget of their own lashes. The question arises, how long do they last eyelash extensions? You should give a rest to your own lashes. To do this, beauticians, makeup artists recommend removing the eyelashes three months after the extension procedure.

It’s enough two weeks for recreation your own lashes. Moreover, you should do mask to restore eyelashes during this period. Only after two weeks you can contact make-up artist to extend your lashes again.

It is important to feel well when you wear eyelash extensions. If you feel uncomfortable, it is best to remove the lashes as faster as possible. But if you decide to remove eyelash extensions by yourself you need it very carefully. In any case can not be pulled lashes off from the root, because you can remove with them your natural eyelashes.

Thus, you create yourself another problem: you can remain without your own lashes.

Find out how to remove false eyelashes without pulling!

It is important to remember that the woman can make herself beautiful, not only because of the toilets and cosmetics. Clean and smooth facial skin has a great importance for the beauty appearance of woman. Not all women properly care for their skin.

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