Where to get lash extensions?

Every woman, of course, dreams of beautiful long eyelashes. Every woman is wondering where to get extended lashes. They will make her eyes even more beautiful and look - more expressive and inviting. To achieve this effect, modern women buy expensive mascara, increasing the volume of eyelashes. However, not always mascara helps to achieve the desired result. Even the best quality mascara can provide only a temporary effect. Due to mascara eyelashes become long and fluffy, but you’ll have to wipe all this beauty off in the evening and to apply again in the morning. Moreover, this procedure also takes a lot of time.

where to get eyelash extensionsToday it is found a simple solution to this problem. Where to get eyelash extensions? Instead of buying mascara, it would be better to go to a beauty salon and extend your lashes. Eyelash extension procedure is safe and painless. In recent years, eyelash extension procedure has been become very popular in US. It should be noted that eyelash procedure itself is not too expensive. It takes a little time - about an hour as well.

Before eyelash extension procedure, first you’ll have to completely remove the mascara. First of all, a lash artist will degrease your eyelashes. After it, process of extensions will begin. This work starts from the outer corner of the eye and runs toward inner corner.


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