Some tips how to care for eyelash extensions

This article will be useful for those girls who have already extended her lashes and to wear them for a long time (months), you can help my tips on caring for lashes. How to care for eyelash extensions, and what you should avoid to extend the lifetime of lashes?

1. Extended eyelashes do not like too oily creams and lotions. The result, when using these creams may be the fact that eyelashes are unglued.

2. It is also not recommended to use oil. When applying oil to the eyelashes, the glue can be dissolved. You can use oil as agent for removing lashes. You can remove the extended lashes by yourself, without the help of lash artist. However, for the first time I advise to carry out this procedure at beauty eyelash extensions salon, to understand how to care for eyelash extensions.

how to care for eyelash extensions3. Try as little as possible to touch your eyelashes. You can easy to wash and gently use a towel when wiping your face. You should carefully take care for eyelash extensions and you’ll able to wear them a long time!

4. There is a myth that extended lashes do not like chlorinated and salt water. This is not true, but there its nuances. After eyelash extensions procedure, you can easily go on vacation. Many girls extend their lashes for this reason to waste time on makeup. The main thing you should gently wipe the face with a towel after swimming that not to damage the cilia.

5. Gently apply makeup on the eyes and avoid contact with the lash line, especially when using a pencil.

6. Those women who like to sleep the face against the pillow I highly recommend a change in position, as the lashes can begin to actively fall because of the pressure on the roots of the lashes.

how to care for eyelash extensions

7. Do not try to curl the lashes. Eyelashes for extensions already have some bending, depending on the model. Therefore, before the lash procedure you may consult a lash stylist and select the desired bend.

I’ve told you about the basic types how to care for eyelash extensions. However, after the eyelash procedure, I give all my clients personal care tips of the eyelashes. This is due to the fact that all the natural lashes are different, have different density and other characteristics. Someone will approach one method, some another. Sometimes it happens that eyes hurt after eyelash extension procedure. This happens because of evaporation that affects the eyes and slight redness is appeared. But do not worry because it goes away in three to four days.


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