The refined look of a girl: Best eyeliner for cat eye

Women of any age love makeup. At the time, there was in fashion a bright and natural make-up, and at any time the women tried to highlight their eyes. For example, in the fifties there was dramatic eye makeup in fashion the arrows of which were its foundation. The arrows in the eyes always looked very tempting and attractive. They are relevant today too. The best eyeliner for cat eye will be particularly relevant this spring. Many people call this style of eye makeup - Egyptian. Yes, because the most beautiful women of Egypt decorated their eyes with a cat eyeliner.

How to choose the right color of a cat eyeliner?

eyeliner for cat eye

Color, of course, depends on chosen the total makeup palette, as well as an eye color. If the woman has blue eyes, she will perfectly suit "red" shades of eyeliner, such as for example, bronze, orange, brown and silver and plum colors will look great too. Green-eyed fashionable women should pay attention to the orange and purple color of eyeliner. But the brown-eyed will be good with green, purple and dark - blue arrows. Learn more about how to do eyeliner wings.

Color eyeliner for cat eye should also be determined with hair color as well. Girls with red hair and green eyes will just perfectly suit purple eyeliner, eyeliner mint colors. But, do not use eyeliner shades of red. The girl with dark hair, whether they are brunette or brown-haired can choose almost all the colors suitable for the eyes. Almost the entire color spectrum of eyeliner is suitable for blondes, except of course the reds. These colors do not lend a beautiful female face with blonde hair. In general, shades of red eyeliner should be used with caution. What about the best eyeliner brand?

The best eyeliner for cat eye depending on eye shape

Types and shapes of cat eye arrows can be different. With its help it is possible to adjust eye shape if necessary. For more information read the article "How to choose an eyeliner for eye shape".

Women with almond eyes for a normal day makeup need to draw the classic arrow along the lash which to be quite thin. And for the evening make-up, the arrow should be drawn a little longer than usual.

Girls who have small eyes, there is one very interesting and artful thing for their visual increase. They need to draw the line of white or light - beige on the lower and upper eyelid. This method will open the look visually. But it is important not to make these arrows are too broad, then look will seem "heavy".

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Many owners of round eyes want to make them sharper, and for that they need to draw a line from the middle of the upper and lower eyelids to the corner. In this case, the arrow should be slightly expanded to the corner and climb to the top.

Thin arrows from the internal parts of the eye to the outer corner will look great on the wide -set eyes. And on the contrary women with close-set eyes do not need to draw like this.

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