What is the best hair colour?

Women going to the store, often ask the same question the seller: "What you have the best hair color?" Seller usually draws aside buyers to the counter with the most expensive dyes.

This question often nonpluses them, "Well, depends on what you mean by the best hair color ..."

Indeed, who knows what you have in mind? What is the best hair color?

The best hair color

For some, the best hair color - it's gentle. All hair dyes divided into permanent, semi permanent hair color and temporary. Temporary hair color pigments surface of hair, and washed them pretty quickly. These colors do not paint over the gray hair; do not color your hair lighter. However, it is suitable for all who like often change the image and who cares about hair health.



Hair-dye. Which to choose?

The choice of hair color agent depends on whether you want to lighten your hair, brush their color, highlight individual strands, color gray hair and make hair darker or lighter.

Hair dyes are divided into several groups:

  • - Permanent hair color;
  • - Semi permanent hair color;
  • - Coloring agents.

Permanent hair color

Permanent hair color relates to the dyes in the third level. All permanent hair color dyes contain a large percentage (12.7%) of hydrogen peroxide. The greater the amount of hydrogen peroxide contained in the paint, the more it lightens hair. These dyes are the best if you want to change the hair color dramatically: to make it lighter or darker, with a sustained tone. These dyes are ideal for gray painting.



Which semi permanent hair color is better?

To choose proper temporary hair color, first you need to decide what result you want to get? All hair dyes divided into semi permanent, demi permanent, temporary and permanent.

The most gentle of them is temporary hair color. It is hair dyes pigment only the top surface of hairs. Therefore, it is washed away quickly enough. This type of hair color does not dye gray hair. Temporary hair color will be useful for those who have not decided which shade you need and also for those who want to give their hair more natural tone bright and original colors. On average, temporary hair color keeps for about a week, but still depends on shampooing.

Ion semi permanent hair color can already color gray hair, because it penetrates more deeply into the hair. It contains some oxidants and ammonia. However, compared to temporary hair color, ion semi permanent hair color is more forgiving, so you can use it safely without change your image.



Lashes and Makeup

Can we make up the lashes? Many women and girls, who are going to carry out eyelash treatment, ask this question. The answer is yes, you can make up the extended lashes, as much as you want. But is there a need for this?

It should be noted that the extended lashes usually make up in black, brown, purple after the treatment, which the color you want and the color keeps for 3-4 weeks. And even if you are constantly going to swim or take a shower, your eyelashes are not damage. They do not change their color, and fall out. The main thing you should not rub them.

Consequently, you no need to make up lash extensions and it pleases many owners of lashes, because they spend a lot of time on makeup. In addition, you can be sure that your mascara will not flow, and the eyes will look as charming as the morning after the water treatment, especially in public places.


What is semi permanent hair colour?

From time to time, every woman wants to change her image, for example, change hair colour, slightly or radically, because feminine charm and beauty is in volatility. Before you are going to buy hair dye, you should determine the final result. Maybe you just want to slightly change the shade or paint first gray hair, and can turn from blonde to brunette or vice versa.

Tint tools and shampoos can give a hint of the natural hair colour. Such agents will wipe off in a few days, and your hair back the natural colour. Semi permanent hair colour is suitable for women who want a little spice up your natural hair colour, while not causing significant damage to the hair.

Semi permanent hair colour does not contain ammonia, so it also does not damage the hair. New hue will stay on the hair for about six weeks, and then gradually washed away. You can slightly change hair colour or paint the first gray hairs with semi permanent hair colour.