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Every woman's dream is to be beautiful. Everything is perfect, what means the health: live view, a beautiful body, elastic skin clean, well-groomed hair, healthy eyelashes. Therefore, we pay attention to all aspects of body care, just the tips of the hair to the tips of the nails.

Beauty eyelash extension salons of Toronto are always up-to-date. Lash artists are following up all the new makeup of this fine industry. Experts regularly attend training courses, improving their skills.

Good to know. Eyelash extension Toronto

It is quite possible for acquiring specific knowledge and skills. First, you need to purchase the necessary materials. Then, you need to buy eyelashes. It is a matter of taste - some prefer silicone, some silk, sable or mink. Also, note that the lashes can be both individual and clusters, in addition, there is a special form of the letter Y.

The next thing that is required - adhesive based on natural resins and a special tape to separate the lower and upper row of eyelashes.

Eyelash extension technique is simple: artificial lash is dipped into glue and glued to the natural one. Preparation is to separate lashes from each other and degreasing them.

But should you do the eyelash extension procedure at home? But what if your hand will shake and glue gets in your eye? Of course, in that case you can use vegetable oil and remove lashes which were stuck crookedly.

Whether need you take chances because the avaricious pays twice? It is much easier to apply to the beauty lash extension salons in Toronto to a lash artist, who will process quickly and efficiently.

From Address: To:

  • Top Nail, 733 Danforth Ave, Toronto, ON M4J 1L2, 416-778-9501
  • Pretty In The City / Pretty Lashes, 2369 Yonge St, Toronto, ON, +1 416-482-8688
  • BeFabulous Spa Studio, 2 College St #107, Toronto, ON, +1 416-455-5300
  • Pearl Spa, 1 King St W #4707, Toronto, ON, +1 647-857-4707
  • Doll Face Spa, 173 Sheppard Ave W, Toronto, ON, +1 647-350-3655
  • KMK Beauty Nails & Spa, 411 Duplex Ave, Toronto, ON, +1 647-704-2506
  • Xtreme Beauty Inc., 2727 Steeles Ave W, Toronto, ON, +1 416-410-8152
  • The Beauty Studio, 3112 Dundas St W, Toronto, ON, +1 416-836-1949
  • Xtremelashcanada, 944 Eglinton Avenue West, Toronto, ON, +1 416-410-8152
  • Solace Mobile Spa, Judy Sgro Ave, Toronto, ON, +1 647-782-3474
  • Unique Beauty, 69 Dellbrook Crescent, Toronto, ON, +1 647-407-0044
  • Eyelashcanada, 2727 Steeles Ave W, Toronto, ON, +1 416-410-8152
  • Envious Lash Lounge - eyelash extensions, 88 Bloor St E, Toronto, ON, +1 647-886-6988
  • MYNC {lash lounge & brow bar}, 104 Yorkville Ave, Toronto, ON, +1 647-351-8888
  • Winks Eyelash Boutique, 70 Yorkville Ave, Toronto, ON M5R 1B9, 416-777-9465
  • Lust For Lashes, 132 Atlantic Ave, Lower Level of the BSuite Building, Toronto, ON, +1 416-997-0092
  • Winks Eyelash Extensions Boutique, 257 Danforth Ave, Toronto, ON, +1 416-777-9465
  • Ana's Nail Boutique And Spa, 2300A Bloor St W, Toronto, ON M6S 1P2, 416-239-0431


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