Eyelash extensions Victoria, British Columbia

If you have decided to transform your appearance, extend your eyelashes, improve the aesthetics of the face and body, to prolong youthfulness of the skin or get rid of the accumulated load fatigue and mental strain, - welcome to eyelash extensions salons of Victoria, BC! The indisputable fact is that external beauty is impossible without healthy skin, hair, nails, and so eyelash extensions salons of Victoria BC provide clients with comprehensive services in the field of hairdressing, nail, cosmetic services and of course, eyelash extensions. In today's beauty-industry, the most advanced technologies and techniques based on a thorough scientific approach are used to create a harmonious aesthetic ideal. Lash artists of Victoria BC will do their best to create unique image of your eyelashes.

Eyelash extensions Victoria BC - Good to know

  • - in order the semi-permanent eyelash extensions last long you shouldn’t wet them for 2-3 hours after the application. Lash artists of lash extensions salons of Victoria, BC (British Columbia) will help you to get chic and luxurious eyelashes.
  • - don't apply oily creams;
  • - put off  your visit to a sauna and especially to a bath for 2 days;
  • - remove the makeup with the help of a lotion or gel for washing;
  • - salt sea water or chlorinated water have negative impact on eyelashes;
  • - it’s better to refuse your habit to sleep with your face up against the pillow.

From Address: To:

  • Nail Art 360, 360-3147 Douglas St, Ste 360, Victoria, BC V8Z 6E3, (250) 388-6245
  • Ferris' Grill, 536 Yates St, Victoria, BC V8W 1K8, (250) 360-1824
  • Jade Electrolysis, 661 Burnside Road East, Victoria, BC V8T 2X9, (250) 590-4084
  • Everlashstudio, 5 1827 Fairfield Road, Victoria, BC, V8S 1G7, 250.592.3040
  • Wake up made up, 1608 Camosun Street, Victoria, B.C., 250 885-2732
  • Deco De Mode Nail Salon & Spa, 1014 Broad St, Victoria, BC V8W 1Z9, 250-380-6533
  • Ace Nails, 3-3892 Carey Rd, Victoria, BC V8Z 4C9, 250-881-8899
  • Aesthetic Edge, 19 Highbank Rd, Victoria, BC V9B 1V3, 250-519-0665
  • Amazing Nails, 73-3170 Tillicum Rd, Victoria, BC V9A 7C5, 250-995-1777
  • Aveda Institute Victoria, Toll Free : 1-800-391-7873, 250-386-7993
  • Beauty Essentials Studio, 3-3142 Cedar Hill Rd, Victoria, BC V8T 3J6, 250-595-2112
  • Bristol Town Hair Fashions, 2562 Sinclair Rd, Victoria, BC V8N 1B8, 250-477-3098
  • Cabello Salon, 131-2745 Veterans Memorial Pky, Victoria, BC V9B 0H4,250-590-1866
  • Cosmedica Laser Centre, 207-1990 Fort St, Victoria, BC V8R 6V4, 250-598-3320
  • Derma Spa, 101-1830 Oak Bay Ave, Victoria, BC V8R 6R2, 250-598-6968
  • Fingers & Toes Spa, 209 Menzies St, Victoria, BC V8V 2G6, 250-920-4247
  • Fish Hair Salon, 1227 Broad St, Victoria, BC V8W 2A4, 250-388-3474
  • LA Hairazors Beauty Salon, 118-2806 Jacklin Rd, Victoria, BC V9B 5A4, 250-474-3902
  • Magicuts, 70-797 Hillside Ave, Victoria, BC V8T 1Z5, 250-381-6123
  • MD Esthetics, Fax : 250-478-2339, 201-1910 Sooke Rd, Victoria, BC V9B 1V7, 250-478-2336
  • Michelle Bohn Hair Design, 4221 Springridge Cres, Victoria, BC V8Z 4Y9, 250-380-2611
  • Queen Bee Nail Gallery, 18-630 Courtney St, Victoria, BC V8W 1C1, 250-419-0880
  • Rachael D's Nails, 2012 Douglas St, Victoria, BC V8T 4L1, 250-590-2230
  • Shear Image Hair & Body, 101-2000 Cadboro Bay Rd, Victoria, BC V8R 5G5, 250-370-1101
  • Silk Road Aromatherapy & Tea Co, Fax : 250-382-0001, 1624 Government St, Victoria, BC V8W 1Z3, 250-704-2688
  • Sunrise Day Spa & Salon, E-3388 Douglas St, Victoria, BC V8Z 3L3, 250-384-7284
  • Talons Nail Evolution, 115-2745 Veterans Memorial Pky, Victoria, BC V9B 0H4, 250-590-6506
  • Twist Hair Salon, 101-1325 Bear Mountain Pky, Victoria, BC V9B 6T8, 250-590-3790
  • Village Coiffure The, 335 Cook St, Victoria, BC V8V 3X5, 250-384-3715
  • Vixen Hair Studio, 101-1619 Store St, Victoria, BC V8W 3K3, 250-419-0963
  • Wiink2 For Hair & Body, 117-2401G Millstream Rd Victoria, BC, 250-383-9465


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