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Cluster eyelash extensions technique consists in that a cluster is glued to eyelid between eyelashes. The cluster eyelash extensions unlike individual extensions creates some pressure on eyelids. Eyelashes for cluster extensions are usually tougher than those for individual extensions. Such procedure is less expensive and takes less time. The best eyelash extension salons in DC offer three type of extensions - cluster, individual extensions and 3D-lashes.

More often the eyelashes are extended on the external corner of the eyes. The clusters do not last as long as the individual lashes do. It depends on dissolution of eyelash adhesive by means of natural oil secretions from eyelids, for teo weeks. Usually this method of extensions suits those who extend lashes for an event.

If you are interested in this application, then refer to eyelash extension salons of Washington, DC.

Eyelash extensions DC - Goof to know

Side effects of eyelash extensions

Do you want to extend your lashes? But you have been still doubting about extending or not? This is not surprising. Eyelash extensions have their pros and cons. You have already known a lot about the benefits, of what your eyes will become beautiful and attractive. You know about how much male attention will give you the new lush lashes, but what side effects and the problems can appear after the application you've heard almost nothing. We will talk about that, what kind of problems you have to face after the procedure. Eyelash extensions in DC - it is simple, elegant and fashionable!

We cite the main challenges to which you need to prepare in the first place:

  • 1. With eyelash extensions it is awkward to apply a mask for the face and wash because cleaning agents may enter the eyes.
  • 2. You will have to sleep only on the back because you can mess up lashes.
  • 3. The first time your eyes will hurt because of eyelash extensions. But even after a few days, when the eyes are used to eyelash extensions then you will have to close your eyes anywhere several times a day to give them a rest.
  • 4. Every time blinking you will remember of your long lashes. If you will constantly think about your lashes, then it will be impeded study, read and watch TV, because it does not focus on.
  • 5. Many women in DC after sleeping worry about eyelashes stuck or twisted.

It is believed that individual eyelash extensions do not cause any problems. However, it is not. New lashes shed with mature ones, in which they have extended. So, if you have sparse eyelashes, then after the extensions, your eyelashes will become even less. You can, of course, to treat the lashes and wait until they will grow, but whether cost you such effort it is up to you.

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