Eyelash extensions Worthing, UK

Every day beauty eyelash extension salons in Worthing open their doors to give everyone an opportunity to become even more attractive and beautiful. Visiting hairdressers, you’ll able to be sure that they can realize your wildest dreams, change the image, to make you more beautiful and stylish.

Beauty salons in Worthing have a wide range of hairdressing services: haircut, highlights, eyelash extensions, coloring, creating hairstyles and more. Make-up artists use in their work materials from only the most popular brands. A team of professionals guarantee excellent results. Beauty salons in Worthing are always open to visitors.

Good to know. What to avoid when wearing lashes

  • 1. Your new eyelashes should not contact with oil. If you’ll lubricate your eyelids by oil, then extended eyelashes fly off like autumn leaves. The simplest way to remove eyelash extensions at home is conventional vegetable oil. For this purpose, oil is applied to the eyelids at night - in the morning your lashes will remain on the cheeks or cushion.
  • 2. Do not use greasy cream, as not only oil, but any oil dissolves the glue.
  • 3. You should not rub your eyes. Touching your eyes should be carefully and only twice a day: in the morning and evening during washing.
  • 4. Also your lashes should avoid contact with chlorinated pool water and sea salt elements. Though, women who like swim very much maintain eyelash extensions for a few days.
  • 5. Makeup reduces the lifetime of the eyelashes. In the evening, removing dye from eyelashes by water or special preparation, your eyelashes will run off with the water as well. However, there is no need us mascara at all - so nice and beautiful new eyelashes.
  • 6. You also should sleep very carefully with eyelash extensions - on the side or back. No need sleep the face against the pillow.
  • 7. There is no need to curl extended eyelashes. First, you can break the attachment. And secondly, they initially have slightly twisted.

From Address: To:

  • Amber Beauty, 76 Edmonton Road, Worthing, West Sussex, +44 1903 535209
  • MI Beauty, Worthing, +44 7856 917727
  • Beautify, Evelyn Road, Worthing, West Sussex, +44 7780 579256
  • Jodie's Treatment Room, 5 Essenhigh Drive, Worthing, West Sussex, +44 1903 602029
  • The Beauty Island, 26 Pentland Road, Worthing, +44 7786 417864
  • Victoria's Retreat, 45 Pentland Road, Worthing, West Sussex, +44 7917 203394


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