Eyelash extensions York, UK

Beauty and youth are among the riches that every woman wants to protect. After all, the face skin and figure indicates not only age, but also the general health and even social status.

Beautiful skin and a slim silhouette are a symbol of prosperity in the personal life of a woman and her career.

And how is a shame when the wrinkles, puffiness, sagging, and other effects of aging and environmental hazards spoil former beauty.

Fortunately, modern cosmetology offers a range of solutions for the prevention and removal of skin aging. Here you will help a professional beautician in York, who listen carefully, identify the causes of the changes and select an effective program to address them.

Eyelash extensions York - Good to know

Eyelash extensions treatment in York is completely painless and harmless. In addition it does not take much of your time and money. Eyelash extensions treatment is as follows:

  • 1. Removes all makeup with eyes. Eyelids are degreased with special solution.
  • 2. The wizard takes out a box of eyelashes, and then decides which suit for you. All lashes are glued into small clusters: two - three hairs, and have the same length.
  • 3. You close your eyes and wait. At this time, make-up artist takes one cluster of eyelashes and extend your eyelashes on the upper eyelid, starting from the outer corners of the eyes and so on - as long as necessary.
  • 4. After all the treatment is completed you can open your eyes and even pat updated lashes.


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  • Nail Studio, 11 Auster Road, YO30 4XA, 01904 692780
  • Katie's Health & Beauty, 15-19, York , YO1 7LZ, Mob: 07899 886464 01904 623166



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